The MB Event Platform – Let the technology take the strain

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The MB Showroom Event platform has been proved to generate high-quality, pre-qualified appointments for car dealers, with a show rate in excess of 82 per cent – so if you want to run the best-performing event in Q3, the MB Event Platform will deliver the optimum result for you.

With more than 30 years’ experience of delivering showroom sales events, leading automotive marketing expert MB Advertising & Marketing knows the key ingredients that make a showroom event successful!

Its high-quality marketing delivery, seamless customer journey that offers online and offline booking options, plus automated follow-ups all combine to ensure high footfall and show rates.

The MB Event Platform delivers the best showroom sales conversion

Our platform generates a show rate of up to 82 per cent and a sales rate of up to 67 per cent, because MB knows that an optimum return on investment is crucial for car dealers operating in a competitive marketplace.

When you run a car showroom event using the MB Event Platform, your customers are at the core of every event, so they receive personalisation and reminders at every opportunity for a seamless customer journey.

From automated and personalised event invitations to make their bookings easy, unique customer codes that link to their event offers, appointment and cart abandonment reminders, through to a 24/7 online appointment booking service to fit around their busy lifestyles, the MB Event Platform is designed to engage your customers and make their event experience the very best it can be from start to finish.

The MB Event Platform also inspires and engages your sales team for maximum results and does ALL of the hard work for you.

With its performance dashboard, virtual receptionist and diary, push notifications that send daily sales prompts, hot prospecting portal and ‘Reveal The Deal’ function, the data-driven technology will take the strain away from you so that you can focus on selling cars – and lots of them.

Why it’s time for your dealership to switch to the MB Event Platform!

With 82 per cent of appointments being self-served online, 81 per cent of appointments being made from a mobile device and 69 per cent of all bookings made when your dealership is closed, now is the time to invest in one-touch technology that engages with your customers around the clock in a way that is convenient to them.

Deliver the ultimate car showroom event in Q3 with MB

As a full-service marketing agency for the automotive industry, MB has partnered with top dealer groups, independent dealerships, prestige franchises and car supermarkets for over 30 years to sell more vehicles through its award-winning marketing and event solutions.

Let MB’s technology take the strain and book an event using the MB Event Platform today. View its website here. Tel: 0114 244 6060. Email:

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