June 18: Fuel prices rise; Cost of living protests; Johnson visits Kyiv; Caravanners being ‘forgotten’

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Petrol and diesel prices continue ‘stratospheric’ rise

The cost of petrol and diesel continued its ‘stratospheric’ rise on Thursday.

The RAC said that the average cost of unleaded reached 187.51p a litre, with diesel hitting 194.17p.

It means that the cost of filling an average 55-litre family car will now cost £103.13 and £106.79 for petrol and diesel respectively.

Thousands expected at protest to call for help with cost-of-living crisis

Tens of thousands of people will join a protest march on Saturday calling on the Government to do more to tackle the cost of living crisis amid ‘harrowing’ evidence of the impact of soaring inflation on families.

Trade union leaders, frontline workers and community organisations will be among those at the demonstration in London, demanding a ‘better deal’ for workers struggling to cope.

The TUC, which is organising the event, said workers were suffering the ‘longest and harshest’ squeeze on their earnings in modern history.

Starmer and Rayner return ‘beergate’ questionnaires

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and deputy leader Angela Rayner have returned questionnaires to police investigating whether they broke lockdown regulations, a party spokesman has said.

Durham Constabulary are looking into whether the rules were violated after Sir Keir was caught on camera drinking a beer in an MP’s office after a day of campaigning for the local elections in Durham in April 2021.

Both the Labour leader and Ms Rayner have said they have said they will stand down if they are issued with fixed-penalty notices.

Johnson visits Kyiv to offer troop training to ‘change equation’ against Russia

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